How Writers Get Paid: It starts with the writer

It sounds cliche, but it begins with YOU.

If you are willing to work for free, churning out free blog posts and giving out free advice: the universe, and the people around you, will expect nothing else.

But if you KNOW YOUR WORTH & have your pricing and business forms in order: you can get paid.

Know your worth. Get paid. Stop working for free…


Everyone is looking for a handout.

If those are your clients you will forever be giving free handouts.


But if you ACKNOWLEDGE the EXPERTISE you already have & GO PROFESSIONAL:

there are people who WANT and DESIRE to pay you for MORE than just free-piece-mail-random content.

People are looking for professionals who can deliver on their promises & are worth the price. 


Make it your goal to become one of the sought after experts.


As you treat yourself as a professional:

  • you learn faster
  • you perform better
  • you deliver on promises
  • you receive raving reviews
  • you get paid
  • and repeat


It really is all about MINDSET and LEARNING and CHALLENGING yourself.

If you want to make $5 an hour for the rest of your life – go for it.

If you want to make $200 plus an hour – you can.


But it starts with your mind – which gets you moving and learning and working – which fuels your actions – which determines your income.


Be exceptional. 

No really, be excellent, consistent and take pride in the words you type, the knowledge you have and the path before you.


Your destiny really is in your hands.


I’m passionate about writers getting paid & making a living, which is why I founded UNSTOPPABLE WRITERS for writers who want to get paid and know their worth.

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