When You Need Comfort…

It feels overwhelming,

she sat in my group, you could have been there. It feels like cancer is taking a bite out of those I love...
We leaned in, our support and concern written in the furrows of our faces.

After listing those in her life with cancer, she paused to compose herself.
Where I have been finding comfort is in this verse. 
She pointed to the verse on her journal.















When I read it, I picture myself nestled into God’s feathers and it comforts me.

She shared this with me weeks ago and the image has lingered in my mind.

When I think of nestling into God’s feathers, I picture a strong stoic hawk: don’t mess with me.

He is fierce and ferocious when it comes to protecting those He loves, but the more I reflect on this verse, I’ve come to realize…















There is tenderness when I nestle into the presence of God.

Just as children typically run for their mothers for comfort,

we can run to God knowing His profound tenderness and kindness towards us.

He knows our basic needs, our heart needs, and every other need we struggle to express.















Just as the disciples were taught time and again, “Look at me.”

God whispers to our hearts, Look at me.

Don’t mind the waves. Don’t mind the chaos, circumstances or challenges.

I’ve got this. I’ve got you. Come to me. Nestle in. Rest.

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