Why No One Cares About Your Writing & Business…

There are two ways to approach your writing and business: 

  1. This is what I love to do. This is my business. This is what I offer… you get the picture, it is very “ME” focused.
  2. What do you need? Where do you want to go? What are your challenges?… I think I can help YOU.


The advice on the street to simply write that book or write every day – it’s great to BEGIN and YES, every writer should DO IT: write.

The problem is that if your writing and business never move beyond YOU – you will always be scrambling to find your audience and to generate the income you need for a business.

I did it for years. Years! Too many wasted years!

It was not until I stumbled across a different way – an easier way – a way that made IMMEDIATE sense and lifted a HUGE weight off of my shoulders,

THIS was when I began to see the possibilities and to see that they were WITHIN reach TODAY, not tomorrow, not next year…

So if you are READY to ENGAGE, CAPTIVATE & CATAPULT your writing & business to success, here are THREE ways to do it:


ONE)  KNOW your audience.

Until you know exactly who you are writing and in business for – you are writing to an EMPTY room.

No one likes that feeling: crickets when you publish a post, crickets when you update your website, crickets… nothing… silence…

The KEY is to KNOW your audience SO WELL you can speak for them and TO them: struggles, dreams, pain points, needs… You know their age range, their income, their deepest desires, what annoys them…

Once you know who they are…


TWO)  Start a MOVEMENT, not a business.

No one likes to be sold on a product, a book or a program.

The minute we know it’s an unsolicited offer on the phone, we hang up and say “take me off this calling list.”

We hate wasting our time on what other people think we should buy. We know what we want and if you don’t know us (your audience) well enough – you will turn us OFF and AWAY by an amateur or wrong messaged offer.

When you PINPOINT the EXACT MOVEMENT and SOLUTION your audience seeks: BAM! MAGIC!

Your movement, YOU, makes a difference…changes lives.

They start banging on your door: you have what I need!

Until you can say, “I’m creating THIS movement,”  and QUICKLY articulate it to speak to the DEEPEST DESIRES of your audience, they will turn you down every.single.time.

Until I figured out the MOVEMENT I was created to lead: helping STUCK writers become UNSTOPPABLE,

I was hitting my head against the wall. I couldn’t figure out why “my” audience didn’t want to hear about ME, MY skills, MY passion.

The truth: no one gives a damn about those things. People listen when you speak their language. People COME when they want the MOVEMENT and COMMUNITY you offer.

Okay, now for the final step. You know your audience. You know the movement they are DYING to join! This final step will make YOUR LIFE, writing and product creation EASY!


THREE)   LISTEN to Your Audience

What if the PRESSURE was NOT on YOU to FIGURE IT ALL OUT!!

What if you did not have to scramble and claw your way to trying to figure out what to say, what to offer and how to craft the messaging around your offer.

What if all you had to do was LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION and FOLLOW THROUGH!

Once you know your audience and learn how to speak their language – you have all the DATA and INFO you need to begin researching, crafting and producing WORDS, BOOKS, PRODUCTS & SERVICES that resonate with them.

Here’s to YOU! You can do it!

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