Is It Good Enough?

When we overhear a person saying “it’s good enough”, our first thought is that they did not give their best. The mindset of good enough can look like an excuse for mediocrity. It is easy to make a snap judgment that good enough is not…good enough.  I’ve found that this snap judgment creates a heavy burden. I begin to avoid difficult tasks and the pursuit of my dreams because of a perceived lack of time, energy, or talent.

By not embracing a mindset of “it’s good enough”, I embrace nothing.

Have you ever been faced by these dilemmas:

  • Someone you know experiences the loss of a loved one. You want to reach out but don’t know what to say.
  • A friend has a birthday and the perfect gift is outside of your price range.
  • You are an artist but feel too busy to create. You don’t have enough time.
  • As a mom you are painfully aware of the dust gathering on the bookshelves, dirty dishes in the sink and the toys scattered across the living room floor as your two year old wakes from their too short nap.
  • Your list for the day included a thirty minute workout, but you only have 15 minutes before your next appointment.

When I face these situations and feel I cannot do my perceived ‘best’, it is easy to give up: I remain silent; I make an excuse not to go to the birthday party; I stop creating…

For me, embracing the “good enough” mentality has meant less shame, less avoidance and more action.

When a friend received difficult news, I nervously called and told her I had been thinking about her. I didn’t have answers or specific encouragement, but my 3 minute phone call and awkward, “I’m thinking of you”, was good enough and it showed that I care.

When it’s 1 p.m. and the breakfast dishes are still on the table, I can glance on them knowing that they will eventually be cleaned. As I change yet another poopy diaper and play with my son, it is good enoughThe list of chores is never ending and my small chipping away at them is good enough.

For me, good enough is more than just settling.

Good enough is about being at peace with what I have to offer in this moment[TWEET THAT]

Instead of waiting for the perfect time, the perfect mindset or additional resources, I do what I can today. This frees me from carrying a list of things to do later, at the perfect time.  As an artist, instead of waiting for the perfect idea, feeling of inspiration or chunk of time to create, I take what I have: twenty minutes while Eli naps and a half formed idea.

Good enough is about creating movement. [TWEET THAT]

Good enough is showing up despite…

there are a million excuses.


Have you found this to be true in your own life?  What have you or do you want to do that is “good enough”, not perfect but good enough.

I always love hearing from you,


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